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Mary Kay Zuravleff started NoveltyDC to help you write the book you imagine. Athletes have coaches—so do writers. Stop struggling with a troublesome chapter or an entire manuscript. Get compassionate feedback and a plan for revision along with techniques to advance plot, increase tension, and reveal character. Find more information here.

"MKZ is a powerhouse writer, whose novels made me cheer and worry and howl. But she's also a powerhouse reader and co-inventor. Her notes and questions made my manuscript come alive again—not a completed thing to pick at or mull over but a living creature to keep feeding."

—John Mauk, Field Notes for the Earthbound


"MKZ has a revelatory understanding of the craft and process of fiction writing. Her workshops provide support, feedback, and deadlines so crucial for any writer, and they produce results. I know—I took one."

—Caroline Preston, The War Bride's Scrapbook